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12 October 2015
Duration: 46:40
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A video outlining the Beef Quality Assurance Program in Kentucky.


Owner: krhorn2
15 November 2017
Duration: 39:55
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Channel: Main

This in-service will enable agents to be certified in the Beef Quality and Care Assurance Program. Agents must be certified to conduct trainings for their clientele. You will be sent instructions on how to view the new videos prior to the training. The training will be an overview of the video, information necessary for you to conduct trainings, provide proper verification for your clientele and the actual certification process in the form of an assessment exam.


Owner: krhorn2
28 September 2017
Duration: 36:22
Playback bandwidth: 131 kb/s

This in-service will bring agents up to date on the Cattle Handling and Care and Beef Quality Assurance Programs. The video is in the process of being updated and will be divided into modules, instead of one long video. We will start with 6 videos and to be certified farmers must complete 4; two that are required and a choice of 2 from the other 4. Another major change is that we are combining the H&C and BQA programs. When farmers complete the program, they will be certified in both. This in-service will take you through the new process and we hope to gain feedback from you before the final product is rolled out.