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26 October 2016
Duration: 53:05
Playback bandwidth: 181 kb/s

TRIP Travel Reimbursement System Training


09 February 2017
Duration: 28:45
Playback bandwidth: 808 kb/s

This video will focus on understanding the basics of physical activity – strength, endurance, and flexibility. Examples will be demonstrated for each of the different types of physical activity.


09 February 2017
Duration: 11:59
Playback bandwidth: 727 kb/s

This video will focus on the creation and use of household items to create exercise equipment. Demonstrations with made equipment will be provided.


09 February 2017
Duration: 28:40
Playback bandwidth: 1084 kb/s

This video will focus on activities that will get both parent and child moving together. A great way to spend quality time with a small child.


09 February 2017
Duration: 17:01
Playback bandwidth: 1677 kb/s

Chair exercises can be a great to keep moving. As we age, some of our balance and strength may be weaning, and chair exercises allow for a senior adult to start gaining some strength back. This video will focus on exercises that senior can do from home in their chairs.


30 September 2020
Duration: 11:25
Playback bandwidth: 4145 kb/s

This video is a part of the Kentucky Homemakers Extension Association (KEHA) lesson Healthy Bladder Habits Might Help You. To prevent urinary incontinence, it is important to maintain adequate pelvic floor strength. Women’s Health Physical Therapist, Dr. Sarah Martin, and FCS Extension Specialist, Natalie Jones, demonstrate several exercises recommended to strengthen your pelvic floor.


30 September 2020
Duration: 04:16
Playback bandwidth: 2636 kb/s

This testimonial is a part of the Kentucky Homemakers Extension Association (KEHA) lesson Healthy Bladder Habits Might Help You. Dr. Janet Kurzynske shares her experiences with urinary incontinence in an effort to break down the stigma behind this common condition among women.


Owner: dstalion
29 October 2015
Duration: 31:22
Playback bandwidth: 1674 kb/s

Bill Silvia shows us a variety of microscopic microbes in a rumen


Owner: dstalion
19 February 2016
Duration: 10:31
Playback bandwidth: 15049 kb/s

This is a spanish video version of ID-204 publication called Introductory Safety Training for Tobacco Workers. Urges viewer to be aware of dangers on farms such as tractors, wagons, heat illnesses, barns, and sun exposure.


Owner: dstalion
26 February 2016
Duration: 08:40
Playback bandwidth: 20694 kb/s

English video version of ID-204 Introductory Safety Training for the Tobacco Worker. Discusses barns, tractors, weather, harvesting, and general safety issues on farms today.