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17 October 2016
Duration: 28:45
Playback bandwidth: 808 kb/s

This video covers the basics of physical activity and encourages participants to begin with some easy exercises.


25 July 2016
Duration: 50:34
Playback bandwidth: 1332 kb/s

Certified Yoga Instructor Terry Thompson takes your mind and body through a relaxing, low-impact, yoga workout. DHE-0077, 50 minutes.


Owner: dstalion
26 February 2016
Duration: 08:40
Playback bandwidth: 20694 kb/s

English video version of ID-204 Introductory Safety Training for the Tobacco Worker. Discusses barns, tractors, weather, harvesting, and general safety issues on farms today.


Owner: dstalion
19 February 2016
Duration: 10:31
Playback bandwidth: 15049 kb/s

This is a spanish video version of ID-204 publication called Introductory Safety Training for Tobacco Workers. Urges viewer to be aware of dangers on farms such as tractors, wagons, heat illnesses, barns, and sun exposure.


10 February 2016
Duration: 25:17
Playback bandwidth: 1825 kb/s

This program is hosted by Dr. John Strang, UK Extension Horticulturalist, who demonstrates how to prune apple trees at planting, and after the first and second growing seasons. It also covers pruning a young tree into bearing, pruning a six-year old tree, and controlling the height of an older bearing central leader tree.


03 February 2016
Duration: 02:54
Playback bandwidth: 3766 kb/s

Advanced Grazing School - Nitrate Test Strips


03 February 2016
Duration: 02:51
Playback bandwidth: 3713 kb/s

Advanced Grazing School - Ray Smith


03 February 2016
Duration: 04:29
Playback bandwidth: 3746 kb/s

Advanced Grazing School - Glen Aiken


03 February 2016
Duration: 02:27:20
Playback bandwidth: 171 kb/s

Master Stocker Program: Nutritional Considerations for Backgrounding and Stocker Calves


03 February 2016
Duration: 02:49
Playback bandwidth: 4218 kb/s

An instructional video on diseases in Apple Trees and methods of combating these diseases.