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25 November 2014
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In the spring of 2014, the search to find the right wood needed to refit the Mayflower Two, a replica ship of the original Mayflower that brought the pilgrims to Plymouth in 1620, lead to Kentucky. Thanks to a partnership between the University of Kentucky and Berea College, that wood has been found here in the Bluegrass State and the Berea College Forest.


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20 November 2014
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With this year's bumper grain crop, and prices at their lowest at harvest, producers may ask, "Do I sell now, or store my grain, and wait for a better price?" That question may easily be answered if a producer doesn't have the capacity to store a lot of grain on farm, but what about the feasibility of constructing more grain bins? That is a question facing some producers in Western Kentucky.


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10 November 2014
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Sometimes when a young person leaves their hometown in Appalachia to attend college, they often don't return. A lot of that is due to the lack of opportunity and a way to earn a living in Appalachia. But for one graduate of the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture Food and Environment, she is turning that lack of opportunity into entrepreneurship by opening a main street restaurant in her hometown of Jackson, Kentucky called Kelsey's On Main.