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Owner: dstalion
28 February 2014
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Celebrate 100 Years of Extending Knowledge and Changing Lives


02 October 2013
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Basic Grant Writing for Agents and Specialists


Owner: jfrankli
25 September 2013
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The University of Kentucky has joined forces with Community Development International or CDI, a non-profit organization, to help the country of Haiti raise awareness of the need for clean cook stoves and fuel in that country. A team from CDI was on the UK campus to give a demonstration on biochar, an organic waste that can be turned into a carbon-negative cooking fuel. The problem is an environmental and public health issue in Haiti and UK is working with CDI to overcome those obstacles.


Owner: jfrankli
28 August 2013
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Learning science at the elbow of scientists is what a group of young boys did this past school year and into the summer months. The project is happening with the help of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. One of the goals is to eventually present the research results to science teachers at a meeting this fall.


02 August 2013
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Join us for an informational seminar on the new Employee Evaluation System, hosted at the E.S. Goodbarn in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment.