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21 November 2017
Duration: 01:20:17
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The 2017 S.H. Phillips Distinguished Lecture in No-till Agriculture: Dr. Eileen Kladivko - Department of Agronomy - Purdue University presents: "Cover Crops, Soil Health, and No-Till: Challenges and Opportunities"


21 November 2017
Duration: 36:43
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How to enter SNAP-Ed into KERS using all AG & Hort examples. Easy walk through of Direct, Indirect, Community/PSE, and Staff Development examples included.


17 November 2017
Duration: 53:54
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Tritrophic Interactions and the Ecology of Fear - presented by Jennifer Thaler, Cornell University


Owner: krhorn2
15 November 2017
Duration: 39:55
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Channel: Main

This in-service will enable agents to be certified in the Beef Quality and Care Assurance Program. Agents must be certified to conduct trainings for their clientele. You will be sent instructions on how to view the new videos prior to the training. The training will be an overview of the video, information necessary for you to conduct trainings, provide proper verification for your clientele and the actual certification process in the form of an assessment exam.


06 November 2017
Duration: 01:06:59
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"Farm to Campus" - presented by Dr. Lilian Breslen


01 November 2017
Duration: 55:41
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Soil Nitrous Oxide Emission: Implications for Sustainable Nitrogen Management, presented by Xia Zhu-Barker


30 October 2017
Duration: 52:31
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Nutrient Management for Sustainable Agriculture, presented by Emily W. Duncan.


26 October 2017
Duration: 01:17:27
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Channel: Main

UKAg Seminars from the Cameron Williams Auditorium in the Plant and Soil Sciences Bldg.


23 October 2017
Duration: 01:05:16
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Land Systems Dynamics, Vulnerability and Adaptation, presented by Andrea E. Gaughan


18 October 2017
Duration: 49:53
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"Management Grounded in Science", presented by Hanna Poffenbarger.