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29 April 2016
Duration: 01:02:55
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UK VDL Special Presentation: Veronica Boling, DVM: Describing the Lesion.


28 April 2016
Duration: 01:18:08
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Stop Preaching to the Choir: Reaching New and Non-Traditional Science Audiences Gwen Pearson, Purdue University


21 April 2016
Duration: 01:17:52
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One Beetle’s Prey is Another Beetle’s Poison: Variable Consequences of Toxic Prey on Generalist Insect Predators


20 April 2016
Duration: 50:49
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UKAg Marketing Committee Meeting, from the Cameron Williams Auditorium.


14 April 2016
Duration: 01:01:07
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Seminars presented from the Cameron Williams Auditorium.


14 April 2016
Duration: 24:32
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Dr. Les Anderson presents on the "Management of Dystocia in Beef Cattle", a component of the IACUC Training Series. This program was developed by Dr. Michelle Arnold.


08 April 2016
Duration: 01:23:16
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Join Dr. Cavaye as he discusses issues and opportunities in fostering rural communities with many parallels between Australia and Kentucky. Dr. Cavaye will discuss challenges of agricultural viability, the provision of services, and maintaining volunteerism in communities. He will describe innovative local economic initiatives, the effects of mining and coal seam gas development, a growing women’s movement, and principles of community vitality.


07 April 2016
Duration: 01:12:03
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Seminars presented from the Cameron Williams Auditorium.


06 April 2016
Duration: 52:21
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Ned Crankshaw has applied to serve a second term as chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture. University policy allows individuals to serve a six year term as chair with reappointment possible following a well-defined process. As part of the normal process of reviewing Ned’s application, a forum will be held on Wednesday, April 6, from 1:30-2:15 PM in the Cameron Williams Lecture Hall. Ned will provide a presentation covering his thoughts on the major issues facing the department, his opinions on addressing those issues, his vision of who/what the department is today and who/what he wants the department to be both during and at the end of the next six years in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.


Owner: mlwill5
06 April 2016
Duration: 00:58
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On the rare occasion your county contact information changes, you will need to update it in the body of the homepage. Watch this video to learn how.