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11 October 2018
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SNAP Q & A for ANR and HORT agents


10 October 2018
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ANR Community PSE How to Enter in KERS Example


10 October 2018
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ANR Indirect SNAP-Ed KERS Example


10 October 2018
Duration: 10:25
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ANR Direct SNAP-Ed KERS Example


10 October 2018
Duration: 02:25
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How to Find SNAP-Ed Budget and Reports in KERS


10 October 2018
Duration: 03:09
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How to Enter Training in KERS for SNAP-Ed


06 August 2018
Duration: 43:17
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Recorded Zoom Session on creating Successful Success Stories


Owner: krhorn2
09 July 2018
Duration: 45:38
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Growers that need to abide by the FSMA -Produce safety Rule (federal regulation) go through the PSA Grower Training conducted by me. However, FDA is going further to help growers understand the rule. Starting in July 2018, FDA is offering On Farm Readiness Reviews (OFRR) to help produce growers prepare for the Produce Safety Rule associated with FSMA. Someone from FDA’s Produce Safety Network will conduct the review with a team comprising of a KDA representative; and/or, a local Cooperative Extension agent for additional support and outreach. We have eight Extension personnel so far who are trained to be trainers for this program. We will continue offer more Train-the-Trainers to get more agents’ help with the fruit and vegetable growers in their county/Extension district. This webinar is going to talk about AFS’s plan for this program.


29 June 2018
Duration: 01:06:02
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Towards Integrated Weed Management for Kentucky's Agronomic Crop Producers - Four-Year Review Seminar presented by Dr. Erin Haramoto


25 June 2018
Duration: 25:34
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NEP Zoom Q&A: Year-End Deadlines