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23 February 2017
Duration: 01:07:45
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Channel: Main

UKAg Seminars from the Cameron Williams Auditorium in the Plant and Soil Sciences Bldg.


17 February 2017
Duration: 01:02:26
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Phenoinformatics: A New Framework for Analyzing Plant Phenotype Data Jin Chen, PhD


16 February 2017
Duration: 49:52
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Risk Parameters and Assessment of Dietary dsRNA in Folsomia candida Jeffrey E. Noland Exit Seminar


16 February 2017
Duration: 02:09:43
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2017 UKAg Promotion and Tenure Workshop


10 February 2017
Duration: 58:34
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"Protein Prenylation in Plants: Mechanism and Function" - presented by Mark P. Running


09 February 2017
Duration: 53:10
Playback bandwidth: 840 kb/s

Bruce Webb (UK Entomology) – Will naked viruses control moth pests? Helicoverpa zea nudivirus and infectious sterile insect technology (with Allona Wright, UK, Kendra Steele, ParaTechs Corp, Lexington, KY, Angelika Fath-Goodin, ParaTech Corp, Lexington, KY)


09 February 2017
Duration: 01:19:46
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CES County Program Review: Team Leader Training


09 February 2017
Duration: 17:01
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Chair exercises can be a great to keep moving. As we age, some of our balance and strength may be weaning, and chair exercises allow for a senior adult to start gaining some strength back. This video will focus on exercises that senior can do from home in their chairs.


09 February 2017
Duration: 28:40
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This video will focus on activities that will get both parent and child moving together. A great way to spend quality time with a small child.


09 February 2017
Duration: 11:59
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This video will focus on the creation and use of household items to create exercise equipment. Demonstrations with made equipment will be provided.