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30 April 2015
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A spouse who has a partner dealing with Alzheimer's disease can find support by connecting with other couples who are in the same situation. In one Kentucky community, a support group was formed to help those coping with the debilitating disease. It's called the Memory Cafe and the intimate setting is bringing those couples together and providing them peace of mind.


28 April 2015
Duration: 01:51:36
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2015 GAP Tobacco Grower Training, presented by Bob Pearce


27 April 2015
Duration: 07:59:59
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Tags: Seminar UKAg

UKAg Seminar - Cameron Williams Auditorium


27 April 2015
Duration: 01:12:45
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Integrative Insect Stress Physiology: From Seasonal Adaptation to Biological Control of Invasive Species Nicholas M. Teets Department of Entomology and Nematology University of Florida


23 April 2015
Duration: 01:10:48
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Insect Nutritional Physiology: How, and When, Food Nutrient Content Matters Spencer T. Behmer Department of Entomology Texas A&M University


Owner: jfrankli
20 April 2015
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An insect called the dubas bug is destroying date palm trees in the Middle East. The problem has gotten so bad, in 2014 The Research Council of Oman, established a research project seeking to better understand how the dubas bug can be controlled. The research program of University of Kentucky entomologist James Harwood is helping to find a way to combat the pest. Even though the research is just beginning, there have been discoveries made that contribute to the success of this research. Ag Com student intern Jackie Clark has the story.


16 April 2015
Duration: 01:03:12
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Developing Methods of Prioritizing Restorations of Upper Coastal Plain Streams Rich Biemiller: ENT PhD Exit Seminar


15 April 2015
Duration: 32:11
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An overview (both PowerPoint and written handout) of the promotion and tenure process, including comments on the years leading up to promotion and the promotion process itself. Presented by: Paul Vincelli


15 April 2015
Duration: 30:00
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ENT: Erika Tucker (PhD exit seminar; Sharkey lab) - A Revision of the New World and Select Old World Species of Cremnops Forster (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Agathidinae)


09 April 2015
Duration: 54:02
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ENT: Steve Frank (NCSU) - Can Forests Take the Heat? Managing Pests and Ecosystem Services in a Warming Climate (host: D. Potter Lab)