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20 June 2016
Duration: 17:12
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Participants practiced giving “mini-pitch sessions” to refine their skills by simply describing key elements of the project to potential partners.


20 June 2016
Duration: 02:17:42
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Day 2 began with a group discussion about real-world logistical issues in conducting needs assessments. Attendees were then led through a series of exercises designed to guide them through steps essential to successful project implementation.


17 June 2016
Duration: 46:28
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Day 1 ended with guidance on how to conduct a needs assessment that will identify community needs associated with access to healthy foods for low-income families with children.


17 June 2016
Duration: 26:03
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This section covered a brief overview of the quantitative and qualitative evaluation required as a part of the grant.


17 June 2016
Duration: 02:06:15
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Models in which others have framed and conceptualized community were discussed. Tools to engage community partnerships were provided and success stories from community coaches were shared.


17 June 2016
Duration: 01:07:14
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The RCPNC kicked of the workshop with group introductions. The first presentation covered how to bring about meaningful community-level change through developed alliances and partnerships using the social-ecological model.


Owner: kveach
16 June 2016
Duration: 01:03:48
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2014 4-H Country Ham Workshop


14 June 2016
Duration: 51:06
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Tags: VDL

Dr. Taylor Presentation


06 June 2016
Duration: 39:05
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A recording of the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Town Hall Meeting with Dean Nancy Cox and Associate Dean Jimmy Henning. Held June 6, 2016.


03 June 2016
Duration: 57:00
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Channel: Main
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Dr. Saied Presentation