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07 October 2015
Duration: 01:37:10
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Entomology for Master Gardeners, part of the Master Gardener series of webinar training sessions.


12 November 2015
Duration: 01:15:28
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ENT: Li Tian (PhD exit seminar, Zhou lab) – From "Scared to Death" to "A Peace of Mind": Termite Soldiers Function Beyond Battlefield Tags: ENT Entomology Seminar


11 February 2016
Duration: 54:59
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Sarah Meierotto (Sharkey lab) – Assessment of Forest Arthropod Diversity Through Metabarcoding Thorsten Hansen (White lab) – Identifying Mechanisms of Host Plant Specialization in Aphis craccivora and its Bacterial Symbionts


18 February 2016
Duration: 01:22:47
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Joe Spencer (Univ Illinois) – Getting high with the beetles’ and other approaches to understanding western corn rootworm ecology (host: Obrycki lab)


25 February 2016
Duration: 55:03
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Office of the State Entomologist (UK) - Just Who Are We Anyway?


25 August 2016
Duration: 01:03:55
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Title IX Discussion, Patty Bender (UK Equal Opportunity Employment Office at UK)


06 October 2016
Duration: 01:01:33
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James Nieh (UC San Diego) – Cries in the hive: encoding danger and context in the referential communication of Asian honey bees. (host: Rittschof lab)


13 October 2016
Duration: 54:05
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Marianne Shockley (Entomology, U. Georgia) – Insects as food and feed: Past, Present and the Future. (Student Choice Speaker)


19 October 2016
Duration: 51:06
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Dr. John Beckmann Faculty candidate seminar “Molecular Mechanism of Cytoplasmic Incompatibility and Genetic Applications to Insect Ecology”


20 October 2016
Duration: 59:04
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Sydney Crawley (PhD exit seminar; Haynes lab) – The Chemical Ecology of Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius, L.) and the Impact of a Neurotoxic Insecticide on Physiology and Behavior