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01 November 2017
Duration: 55:41
Playback bandwidth: 184 kb/s

Soil Nitrous Oxide Emission: Implications for Sustainable Nitrogen Management, presented by Xia Zhu-Barker


18 October 2017
Duration: 49:53
Playback bandwidth: 89 kb/s

"Management Grounded in Science", presented by Hanna Poffenbarger.


04 October 2016
Duration: 37:12
Playback bandwidth: 282 kb/s

Nic Williamson presents "Urban Forestry", the sixteenth lecture in the 2016 GEN 100 Expert Speaker Series.


14 April 2016
Duration: 24:32
Playback bandwidth: 191 kb/s

Dr. Les Anderson presents on the "Management of Dystocia in Beef Cattle", a component of the IACUC Training Series. This program was developed by Dr. Michelle Arnold.


10 February 2016
Duration: 25:17
Playback bandwidth: 1825 kb/s

This program is hosted by Dr. John Strang, UK Extension Horticulturalist, who demonstrates how to prune apple trees at planting, and after the first and second growing seasons. It also covers pruning a young tree into bearing, pruning a six-year old tree, and controlling the height of an older bearing central leader tree.


12 October 2015
Duration: 20:43
Playback bandwidth: 9827 kb/s

Managing Weather Extremes