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20 April 2016
Duration: 50:49
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UKAg Marketing Committee Meeting, from the Cameron Williams Auditorium.


22 October 2015
Duration: 01:15:37
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This webinar provides information about organic certification and how it relates to high tunnel production. Thinking about economics and the marketing of high tunnel crops throughout the year is also covered. Speakers include: Adam Watson, Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Organic Program Manager, Dr. Tim Woods, Extension Professor in Department of Agricultural Economics and Miranda Combs, Extension Associate with the Center for Crop Diversification.


12 October 2015
Duration: 48:00
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"Enhancing the Marketing Skills of Artisans: E-Commerce"


12 October 2015
Duration: 54:13
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"Enhancing the Marketing Skills of Artisans: Trends and Niche Markets"


12 October 2015
Duration: 58:36
Playback bandwidth: 166 kb/s

"Enhancing the Marketing Skills of Artisans: Record Keeping"


12 October 2015
Duration: 01:05:32
Playback bandwidth: 98 kb/s

"Enhancing the Marketing Skills of Artisans: Booth Design"