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gwagner - 16 August 2017 05:09

I will comment on all three candidates together. I was particularly impressed by the interviews of Drs. McCaulley and Wendroth. They both conveyed a commitment to seriousness, honesty and inclusiveness. Their scholarship and teaching credentials are also outstanding. I was concerned that Dr. Wendroth did not directly place any importance to the issue of climate change, which I consider to be a principal driving issue for the future of Ag, here in KY and elsewhere. And, I was particularly impressed as Dr. McCaulley described how her leadership has led to advancement of the Tracey Farmer Institute through leveraging modest base funding, and her involvement in multidisciplinary, interstate, and international research. In my opinion Dr. Coyne would make a suitable administrator-of-the-details, but not advance the department into what will likely be a very challenging future. My vote would certainly side with Dr. McCaully.

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